Sherry: They had a peaceful demonstration yesterday, and ¡­


Anderson: I understand, I understand very well¡­


Sherry: ¡­it went really well.  The citizens of Salt Lake City were really open to them, and their peacefulness really touched the people here.


Sherry: I know it¡¯s not easy for you to under such pressure to give us this opportunity to be in Salt Lake.  And I am really grateful for that.


Anderson: It¡¯s actually what I value a great deal--people, regardless of their messages, to be able to get it out.  I know your organization has not had the opportunity to do that in your own country.  And as long as people conduct themselves lawfully, I think that gives a lot of credibility to their message, and certainly to your message.  And as long as we can get along peacefully, we¡¯ll do everything we can to accommodate.


Sherry: Yes, yes, because the Olympics embrace peace and humanity, this time especially, and I think that happening in Salt Lake is a great place to have it.  People here are very very gentle and very nice.


Anderson: And I think you¡¯ll find a hospitable people, people who will listen to your message.


Sherry: Exactly, That¡¯s exactly what we found yesterday.  So it was really good.  I was wondering if you¡¯ve been under any kind of pressure.  For example I know that the governor has been under some pressure as far as the proclamation, and I know you also were visited by some Chinese officials. 



Anderson: We told them that this is a free nation, as long as these people conduct themselves lawfully, we welcome and embrace them to our community. 


Thank you very much.  I appreciate it.


Good to meet you.