From Jan. 30th, to Feb. 3rd, the WEF was held in Woldof Hotel, New York, the United State. Even though it was very cold, Falun Gong practitioners stood outside of the hotel to show the people what Falun Gong is. They went there from the whole America, such as Washington DC, California, and even foreign countries, like Japan, Taiwan and so on. They went there because since 1999, Chinese Government began to persecute on Falun Gong in China, few people know what exactly Falun Gong is; the people can only get the information from the Chinese Government. Therefore, Falun Gong practitioners thought it is a good chance to let them know, Falun Gong is Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance. They are very peaceful, just like they say,ˇ± Compassionˇ±.