Welcome Back, Zhao Ming!


On 9th May, 2002, the Graduate Student Union in Trinity College, Dublin hosted a welcome and celebration party for Mr. Zhao Ming, who is a post graduate student for the Computer Science in Trinity College.


Zhao Ming came to Trinity College to do his Master’s degree study in March 1999. He went back to China in December 1999 for his Christmas holiday. He was arrested in China by the police simply because he is a practitioner of Falun Gong, an ancient spiritual practice for Mind and Body outlawed by the Chinese government in July 1999. He was unlawfully detained in a labor camp in Beijing for 22 month, where he received many inhumane treatments such as brain-washing and brutal and systematic torture as well as extremely hard labor work.


With the continuous support and help from Trinity College, Irish government officials, his fellow Falun Gong practitioners as well as all the kind-hearted people world-wide, Zhao Ming finished his ordeal in China and safely returned to Ireland to carry on his study.


Many VIPs came to this evening party and made brief speeches. Over 50 people attended the party. Most of them are from “Friends of Zhao Ming”. Some falun Gong practitioners were also present at the party. People at the party all felt inspired by Ming’s successful experience. They all felt that the Ming’s victory was not just the end of this “Free Zhao Ming” campaign, but the beginning mark of the continuous actions for rescuing more and more Falun Gong practitioners who are unlawfully detained and tortured in China.