New Century*s Classical Amorous Feelings[J1]  (An Episode about a Vocalist)Classical Voice



(Female Narrator*s voice Time: 00:00-01:53,)

Beauty is an indispensable component ofone part that cannot be lack of [J2] in  human culture. Human civilization revolves around beauty in its many forms.It is human civilization*s barycenter. ThereIt has beenfore, the pursuing [J3] pursued ofin literature, music, or drawingpainting, and other arts creation // has been continued from the ancient times until the present. Although iIn recent years, the traditional society has quickly transmitted formed and is nowto be  driven by industry and business, //and t The desires of materialistic pursuitsfeast hasve increased quickly., Yet hHuman beings* admiration forof beauty has never stopped. People possess the natural instinct and ability to sense beauty. Although living in our morderndern lives with ever changingat a rapid paces,  // some people are still willing to spare some time to visit various art exhibitions, // orallowing let the drawingspaintings with serene scenes and peaceful colors calm their minds which have long been exhausted from living and making it in the mundane world. Some observe the art of others tothey want to allow use the sereneity of the art form drawing t to calm down their debilitated spirit,[J4]  // or they wouldothers try by try with their own hands in at creating variousworks of arts to // relax their haboth[J5]  hands which have been typing on the key boards all day long, and are about to will loose their spontaneous natural rhythm. 


(Female Narrator*s voice Time: 00:00-01:53,)

OnAt a pleasant wedding ceremony, no matter what how human beings celebrate in new ways people may find to celebrate, // behind all those, there still retains classical wedding music can almost always be heard.which gives the newly wedded the most deeper bless. // No matter how sound and light techniques stimulate the audience*s senses and desires, // noany kind of digital techniques still cannot compare with the music*s grandiose styloe.

 of boundless influence of the occident[J6]  opera.  


(Female Narrator*s voice Time: 00:00-01:53,)

Now, let*s temporarily put aside the bondage of the desire of modern substances, review the old dream of the classical humanities.[I7] 



(Female Narrator*s voice Time: 02:09-02:34,)

One this day, aA group of us came to the vocalist Zhang Li*s residence. // The musicians* portraits hanging on the wall and the elegant interior settings Some musicians* portraits hanging on the wall and the elegant interior design made let visitors feel likeas if they have plunged into thean ocean of Western classicalism[I8]  entered a western classical scenery. //To entertain our visither visitors, Zhang Li sang a classical Taiwan liederfolk song in a lieder style: Looking Over forward to the Spring Breeze.


(Female Narrator*s voice Time: 02:59-03:19,)

Zhang Li, is a a musician who grew up in a the Taiwanese countryside. of middle Taiwan. born in a musician*s family the middle countryside place located in mid-Taiwan, // Liliked many others little friends of her same age, she has parents who also wanted to lethelp their child to fulfill their musical dreams. //Therefore, Zhang Li went to Italy for further  to advance her music education when she was only 18 years old, after she finishedfinishing her study at the famous Xiao Ming Girls Highschool, which offered a special teaching program of mezzo-soprano[J9]  music classoperatic singing.


(Ms. Zhang Li*s voice Time: 03:20-04:01,)﹛﹛

I began to study music //when I was very young, like many other Taiwanese young children, I began to study music when I was in the kindergarten. //The reason that I studied playing pianotook piano lessons--, later on when I grew up, I asked my Mom why she let me study playingtakeook piano lessons. She told me that because since she hadwas  not been able to learn it when she was young, // that*s why she let wanted me to do it, and that*s why she was so glad that she had gave birth to a girla daughter. so she wanted to have a girl and then she would let her daughter learn music. // Later on, I found that I loved decidediscovered that my favorite which is opera because it contains elements of vocalism vocalism [J10] on the one hand, on the other hand, it also expresses //lots of human sentimentalities[J11] humanity, and lots of the human feelingsemotion. //Also because the music of opera is very vigorous[J12] robust., Iit is often performed with combines [J13] wia th glee clubchrorus, a symphony orchestra, even corps de a ballet troupe. Therefore, it a very huge[J14]  rime of art[J15] . broad and all encompassing art form (Dafa practitioner: Zhang Li)


(Female Narrator*s voice Time: 04:19-04:49,)﹛﹛

From Taiwan to Italy, from Rome to Milan, Zhang Li constantly rushed about [J16] during the course process[J17]  of her studystudy[J18] . The purpose goal was to upgrade advance to a higher level in music al accomplishment. // However, whileduring such a the process of busy searching for perfectpursuing her ideal, as she got older and accumulated some life experiences, she couldn*t stop but tohelp but reflect on the impact her life style was having on her life path think about her way of life and wanted to add a deeper consideration. [J19]  //The Zhang Li in Rome was high-spirited and vigorous vivacious and //later on she wentafter going to Milan she and became a stillness and earthyserene and down to earth Zhang Li. 


(Zhang Li*s voice Time: 04:50-05:46,)﹛﹛

When I was in Rome, I liked to show off. //Plus I was young at that time. I always felt that the world was so huge and I had to know more people and had to try to climbe up the ladderto a higher position in the society. This was aI inherited this mindset from my Mom[J20] . Therefore, I wanted to get to know more people[J21] . What*s more important was I did not want to get anything from them〞it was not that I wanted to get anything from them. But I always felt that I should enter their areamake my way into that social class. However, I felt that I lived a very weary life in Rome[J22] . During the period of when I was living in Milan, I seldom //affiliated hung around with my classmates. The My whole live style had changed and I became very calmquiet. What was my life style then? //I, myself, lived in a very small apartment by myself. Then, the things left me to doall I did was sleeping, watching TV. I liked to watch cartoons as because the its logic is very simple and plus the its characters are very breeziness cheerful. Practicing the piano, singing the songs, buying the groceries, it was like this. //I could live like this for one week without stepping out of the door except going out to buy groceries. So, the my life was very simple. (Dafa practitioner: Zhang Li)


(Female Narrator*s voice Time: 05:47-06:08,)﹛﹛

Actually, Zhang Li*s moving around and life style changes in Itlay may appear to be so may seemed very incidental when looking at Zhang Li*s moving in Italy and the changes of her life style. [J23] Zhang Li*s many moves and experiences in Italy may seem coincidental, //Mmaybe even she herself wouldmight not realize it,. //Hhowever, being coincidental is also being necessityinevitable. A chance ofAn international encounter of a predestined arrangement had since changed Zhang Li*s life. In Milan, she got to knowcame across  thea   Buddha school of practice school of cultivation practice, Falun Dafa.  


(Zhang Li*s voice Time: 06:09-06:43,)﹛﹛

Why did I have the opportunity to get to knowcome across Falun Dafa? Actually, it was a very interesting story. // Bbecause Teacher Li spread taught the Falun Dafa Fa in China and most of the Taiwanese practitioners obtained the Falearned Falun Dafa in Taiwan. // At that time, I had already moved to Milan. I first stayed in Rome and later on moved to Milan. // After I moved to Milan, I seldom contacted anyonehaved contact with outside world. // My neighbors happened to come from mainland China. One of the neighbors was the one who brought me the DafaFalun Dafa to me from China. (Dafa practitioner: Zhang Li)


(Female Narrator*s voice Time: 06:44-07:54,)﹛﹛

Falun Dafa, also known as Falun Gong, //is a high-level cultivation practice of the Buddha school introduced by Mr. Li Hongzhi. // The inner meaning of Falun Dafa*s  cultivation was mainlyis explained in relates Mr. Li Hongzhi*s book ※Zhuan Falun§. //Many people felt fondle admiringly after After reading the book Zhuan Falun. a lot of people simply could not put the book down.//Its rich and intensivebroad and profound principlestheory deeply attractsed each and every onemany who searches for the true meaning of life. //Similarly, once Zhang Li started reading the book, she couldn*t put it down untilread it began to read the book Zhuan Falun from one   the evening time till 4am  o*clock the next in the morning. // When she felt tired, she would take a nap and then continued her reading the next afternoon till she finished reading the book. //Ever since then, Zhang Li has firmly believed the Falun Dafa wasis //what she had been looking searched for all her life. After comingBy the time she came back from Milan to Taiwan, // Zhang Li had already practiced studied Falun Gong for nearly five years. But her environment was after all different comparing ed with //other  Taiwanese practitioners who obtained the Fa had learned Dafa in Taiwan. Taiwan has is tthe 2nd largest concentration ofplace that haswith a large number of practitioners comparingafter to Mainland China. // It is very easy for people to get together for group practice and Fa[J24]  study and to encourage each other for further advancesadvancement. //Well then, when she was in Milan, she was living a life that had very little contact with the outside world. There was no direct teachings from the Teacher, no cultivation exchanges with others, //how could she practice?  How then, did she practice cultivation, with her living in Milan with almost no contact with outside world, without Teacher*s personal instructions and without discussions with other fellow practitioners to improve together?   


(Zhang Li*s voice Time: 07:55-08:19,)﹛﹛

Many people are looking for a teacher and everyone wants to find the best one for them selves. What I want to say is that sometimes it is might be possible that--. It doesn*t No matter whether if our bodiesdy can feel it or not had any feelings or not, --at least my body is sensitive. Although we have not undergone any did not  kinds of formalities, look for a teacher [J25] but we I really have seen  and it. taken upLlearneding such a righteous Faa genuine cultivation practice like this, and if we follow the practicereally do it when doing the exercises, you we will all have feel something, some feelings,  and many positive changes will take place. (we you will see somereally go through changes[J26] . (Dafa practitioner: Zhang Li)


(Female Narrator*s voice Time: 08:20-08:45,)﹛﹛﹛﹛

Actually, //many of themost Falun Gong practitioners are self-taught and //hadve not attended the lectures given by Mr. Li Hongzhi in China. //But, through consistaent, in-depth study of the book due to gradually reading the book Zhuan Falun, and through conducting themselves according to the principles addressed in the book--also discipline one*s words and deeds, // through such a step-by-step course of genuine cultivationthrough such step-by-step cultivation, through genuine practice〞their understanding of the principles of Falun Dafa havse become more and more profound. and gradually have a deeper understanding of the Fa principles. They understand something new every time they read the book. Each time after reading Zhuan Falun, one will have different understanding[J27] .


(Zhang Li*s voice Time: 08:46-09:17,)﹛﹛﹛﹛

I was like that until eventually I discovered that, it is true, it is true that as I read one word, sometimes in my thoughts〞or a feeling〞I can feel a kind of broad dimension, and this is coming from the word itself. Other than it*s surface, it has a meaning, and I was able to enlighten to something.It was just like this that in the end I noticed that when looking at each character, sometimes in our own mind there is another feeling. I would feel a very broader space. //It is the character itself. On the surface, it has another meaning and I would be enlightened from by it to some degree. [J28] More over, the most important thing was that very often, //it seemed that it was talking about me. I would pay more attention onto how to cultivate myself on that aspectin that regard.


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(Female Narrator*s voice Time: 09:18-09:34,)﹛﹛﹛﹛

On the other hand, Zhuan Falun also has also has another characteristic: it is not like other books which are very difficult to read. On the contrary, it uses colloquialism so that //people from every different levelwalks of lives in in the society //are will be able to understand Falun Dafa*s cultivation principles clearly. 


(Zhang Li*s voice Time: 09:35-10:20,)﹛﹛﹛﹛

I felt that the book is using colloquialism and I found that some of my friends had some barriers in their reading of itin Fa study[J29] . . The reason was because tThey he thought a Fa book [J30] book like this should be very complicated. //They found it hard to believe that such simple words can contain such deep inner meaningby using colloquialism can have very deep theory[J31] .. //Generally, I would tell told them this is why the great part of Teacher Li is so great and //this is where why he is so remarkable marvelous at. Because Teacher Li hopes[J32] would like to  // let more and more people to learn this practice.obtain the Fa. [J33]  W When he taught thise practice in China, it was at the later periodtime when qigong was at its peak of its popularity., Iit was meant to pass on to many people, and it was in large auditoriums where extremely large number of people came to listen to the lectures. At the very beginning, it was the periodtime of a greatQigong u upsurge in the interest in qigong. , hHe wanted to spread the Fa practice to more people and there were many people attending the lectures in large auditoriums. [J34] At thatIn a place like that, there were people with higher very high education and also many ordinary people with ordinary education. So, he used very simple sentences languages to explain very such profound deep principalsles. (Dafa practitioner: Zhang Li)


(Female Narrator*s voice Time: 10:21-10:39,)﹛﹛﹛﹛﹛﹛

Zhang Li expresses that because it is because the principlesal of Falun Dafa points directly targetto[J35]   people*s hearts, and because it is so pure, that she has been very firm in her path of practiceon her cultivation road[J36] . This is the first reason. // On the other hand, learning Falun Dafa is totally free and this had alsowhich  made a deep impression on her.also gave her a very deep impression[J37] .  



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One point I want to let you know about 'Madame Butterfly' and 'Tosca' in
this movie.

They appeared in 5th paragraph, when Zhang Li talked about the roles she
played in opera.(pls see the attached. I highlighted it.) I searched Internet and found out the two are main roles in two different operas, but not the same person.

Tosca is not the lover of Madame Butterfly, So the changes made to the
original is not right.

The fact is Tosca, for her lover, she killed that Roman Chief-of-police,
(played baritone in the opera. )
 -- by Wenhui

And Just to let you know, the 4th paragraph of the Narrator
(12:05 sth.), it is not that the Narrator directly
asked questions to Zhang Li. So the change of 'her' to
'you' may not accurately reflect the Chinese one.
 每 By Julia Jiang





(Ms. Zhang Li Zhang, Yyoung, 10:30- [08:41-09:13] ) //Teacher gives a direction or a criteria, it is so righteous, and it is achievable. Gradually you can get thereould be there, this is how it it should be like that. The second reason [RA38] is// that this practice does not charge anythinga penny, . //I wasThis very deeply impressed about  methis in at the beginning. //Because there are too many things, although no matter how they claim that they don*t charge you, anything, you still need to donate.//, Yyou need to donate something to keep them functional, or to cover their expenses, bto keep them functional. But Falun Gong does not ask for anything. (Dafa practitioner, Zhang Li)//


(Narrator, young female, 11:05- [09:14-09:32] ) ///Indeed, no charge and no donation are among the main reasons that Falun Dafa could be spread righteously. In many Dafa books like Zhuan Falun, or Explaining the Content of Falun Dafa, //Teacher Li repeatedly mentioned that Falun Dafa practitioners teach the practice voluntarily without charging any fee.//


 (Ms. Zhang Li Zhang, 11:28- [09:33-10:12] ) //Especially later when I read Explaining the Content of Falun Dafa and Essentials For Further Advancement, //in theose books practitioners in certain areas asked questions about specific things and Teacher answered them. They were explained so well and so righteously//#because it is not just merely a book//#Some people may write a book, and present a bunch of theories or philosophies that sound really good. //But actually they don*t do itact that way. When I read Teacher Li*s lecturestalking about how to do well, I can feel that this is absolutely righteous. (Dafa practitioner, Zhang Li Zhang)//


(Narrator, young female 12:05-[10:13-12:05] ) //Besides sharing with us her experiences of growing-up journey  and experience of practicing Falun Dafa, ///we invitedupon our invitation, the cheerful girl, Zhang Li Zhang, to sing also sang a well-known country folk song with us, named <Autumn Cicada>. //Accompanied with piano and violin, her beautiful and harmonious voice seemed to bring back the pure age when the country music was really popular. (sing together for a long time-until 13:29 [11:36]///) What we arefeel most curious about Zhang Li Zhang, is the changes in yourher understanding toward of music and songs after practicing Falun Dafa. Because what Falun Dafa brings improvement to practitioners is elevation improvement of both body and mind at the same time, //and it requires that practitioners do well in their work and daily life, take lightly of personal fame, //profits and desires lightly and improve their own moral standard. ///What changes have benefited you Benefited both mentally and physically, what changes has does Zhang Li Zhang havemade compared to before?//


(Ms. Zhang Li Zhang, 13:56- [12:06-13:08] ) //Because my voice belongs to the broad soprano, that is different from the fast and cheerful type. That type is suitable for comedies, or some pitiful roles but eventually could be saved. What kind of role do I play? Someone that will die, will die at the end. So I asked what could I do? The role that I play will eventually die. For example, in the <LMadamady Butterfly[JJ39] > she committed suicide over lovebecause of love. //Tosca, for her lover, she even killed himthat baritone,// of course, he was a ruffian in the Roman Empire period, a police director.// But the problem is that it she is too cruel,// because of love [how can Ishe] killed him? . At the end, to avoid humiliation she even committed suicide by jumping from the castle, and there are many other things. Before practicing Falun Dafa Then I worried what I should I do. //Afterwards, learning Falun Dafa I wondered how could I play this role? With no feelings no facial expression how could I sing it?//  After that, Wwhen I look back I am amusedfeel amusing because I am not worried any more. (Dafa practitioner, Zhang Li Zhang)//


(Ms. Zhang Li Zhang, 15:03-[13:09-15:48] ) //Because I feel after studying the teachings of Dafa and practicing the cultivationexercises, my heart //is calmer and I can see things more clearly. //There is one more advantage for actors and /actresses, I must say. After practicing and , after studying Falun Dafathe Fa, one won*t be so nervous, although still a bit excited. Because as we actors and /actresses we all like to show off, like to express, but such a strong desire also makes us become feel nervous easily. For we are very afraid that we can not act well, so after practicing Dafa// gradually we willI*ve let go of this sentimentheart. I*ve already try tried my best to let it go, so nowat present, //I could not have a better state than practicing Dafa. I just act, use my whole- heartedly, . I sing for you, I play for you, I sing for you, with a clear mind. So when we singplay this opera, or play theis piano, //I think it is the same for the piano, when we try to convey the idea, the content, we do it calmly. //It is not withoutlike with no feeling, it is more expressive with deeper and clearer understanding, //and I believe it is more attractive too. //(music playing for a while, 16:23-17:22 [14:27-15:32]///) So, to artists or actors/actresses, [RA40] //the spiritual lift elevation after practicing Falun Dafa enables practitioners to remain calm and harmonious, so to treating the show with a calm heart and makes the play even better. (Dafa practitioner, Zhang Li Zhang)// 


(Ms. Zhang Li Zhang, 17:41-[15:49-16:33] ) //I have a very good friend who is a pianist, an excellent pianist, but he gets nervous easily. I believe the nervousness doesn*t come from fear, just eager to be successful. Because as an artist, we*ve worked diligently for more than ten years, twenty years or even thirty years, //days and nights; of course it is not that serious, I just describe in it that way. All of our effort is just for that night*s show,/// that one or two hours, should be our peak performance. //So that kind of pressure and that kind of excitement, yes, you will feel excitingexcited. Because the audience will applaud for you, it is hard to describe that feeling to others. So now I think I should introduce Falun Gong to him.//


(Narrator, young female, 18:24- [16:34-17:04]) //From Zhang Li Zhang*s talking and song we deeply sensed the classic beauty of ancient times. ///However, with the upgrading of modern science, and degeneration of ancient mankind human civilization and decline of moral standard, the conventional concepts of mankind also change greatly. //The pursuit and understanding toward of beauty change a lot as well. //The pursuit and experience toward of beauty is not merely a method or a technique, ////it involves people*s mind and spirituality part. If people*s spirituality part changes, it will be reflected in their understanding of beauty and ugliness.//


(Ms. Zhang Li Zhang, 19:00-[17:05-17:34] ) //I think at present the so-called art has been abused by people. What on earth is art?// For example, and it is an example of several years ago, in a certain country, it is an advanced country in Europe, they showed the opera <Princess Dulando[JJ42][RA41]  >. //At the very beginning of the story, the Persia prince needed to come out to be killed, so he came out from his closetthes cabinet, and he was completely naked. Then they thought that it was a background design of the modern show. It is just unbelievable.//


(Ms. Zhang Li Zhang, 19:26- [17:35-18:09]) //This is also why many musicians can*t make progress, because they don*t know where to go. People all believe that we play the same music, there are so many people playing the same music in the world, but why are some of them are especially touching? //In this country there are so many of us studying music, and many parents out of a very kind heart intention want their children to study music, //so they would have a happier and better life. But on the other hand, //some people already forget how music could make their life better. //(Narrator, young female, 20:02- [18:10-18:21]) Because of the dramatic change of human heart, many modern arts are actually developing in to the opposite direction. The symptom is pursuing to be novel and different without any limitation, and break through all moral regulationscode. (Dafa practitioner, Zhang Li Zhang)//


(Narrator, young female, 20:14- [18:22-18:36] ) //After practicing Falun Dafa, Zhang Li Zhang can better convey the beauty of music in her opera or in playing the piano play. To the deviated art performance or music, she can also differentiate and rectify it properly.//


(Narrator, young female, 20:28- [18:37-19:12]) //Don*t think it is unreal, I tell you that in Vienna, the capital of music; of course such music nobody would like to listen, so they only play broadcast it in the early morning, that is, right after the midnight. Once by chance my friends and I listened to the radio, and they said they would play a newly composed musical piece named <It is not a | vacuum cleaner>. I tell you, in the three minutes that it played it sounded exactly like a working vacuum cleaner. Is this called music? My friends said that they could admit that they are creators, but definitely not composers.// 


(Narrator, young female, 21:04- [19:13-19:58]) //In fact, the creation and renovation of future culture lay between you and us. //The value of art depends on the harmonious integration of formalities of art and moral values. //There is no beauty of art without a compassionate heart, and in turn, //the beauty of art could foster and tend people*s kind nature and moral values./// Art does not only provide people with an elegant and civilized outlook on the surface, //but should also help to develop moral standards and the inner charm of people*s character. //Today*s art has already mutated, //and only through improving people*s moral value, using the true nature and a compassionate heart, could the beauty of art be truly sensed. //Falun Dafa, the returning path to the original, true self, and the principle of Truth-Compassion-Forbearance are probably the keys to bring back the true nature of art.// (voice ended at 21:48 [19:58], followed by music to 24:20 [21:39])


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 [J1] The original Chinese doesn*t refer to ※armorous§, I think ※style and taste§ or just ※style§ is more close to the original Chinese.

 [J2] Or ※is indispensable to§

 [J3] Or ※pursuit§

 [J4] I replaced this with the previous sentence ※let the drawings#in the mundane world§

 [J5] Original Chinese is ※those both§

 [J6] Original Chinese is in plain ※Western§. This maybe a term used by Chinese in Mainland China. But I*m a Taiwanese

 [I7]This sentence makes no sense in English# the first phrase is high level Fa, and the second# I don*t know anyone who knows what the ※old dream of the classical humanities§ is.

 [I8]Westerner*s don*t know what this means

 [J9] This is not in the original Chinese text file.

 [J10] May change this to ※elements of vocalism§

 [J11] Original Chinese is ※humanity§, may change to ※elements of humanity§

 [J12] Or ※robust§

 [J13] Or ※was often performed§

 [J14] Or ※vast form§

 [J15] Original Chinese is close to ※of conglomerate of different arts§

 [J16] The original Chinese means ※was on constant run§, or ※traveling from one place to another§, or ※moving from one place to another§. It refers to an unsettling life style, always traveling and moving from one place to another.  ※rushed about§ is really not good here, but I couldn*t come up with a good one either.

 [J17] ※course§ maybe better

 [J18] ※school years§ maybe better, in this case ※the process§ or ※the course§ can be omitted

 [J19] My version of the translation is ※have a deeper reflection on the life style was having along the path she had taken§


 [J20] Or ※I got this mindset (or mentalityI) from my mom§

 [J21] Original Chinese is ※I would very much like to know every body§

 [J22] ※my life in Rome was exhausted§

 [J23] I replaced with the previous sentence of ※Zhang Li*s moving#to be so incidental§

 [J24] ※book§ is probably for ordinary audience

 [J25] Original Chinese refers to a formality (or ceremony) of becoming a pupil of a teacher, it is hard to translate. In Zhuan Falun, it is translated into ※worshipping teacher§ (at the beginning of lecture three)

 [J26] Or ※changes will really take place§

 [J27] I replaced this with the previous sentence

 [J28] I rewrote this section with the previous paragraphs from ※I was like that#§ to ※enlighten to something§

 [J29] Or ※reading the book§

 [J30] Or ※a book that teaches cultivation principles§ to be more understandable by ordinary audience

 [J31] Or ※a book written in colloquial languages can have very profound principles§, this is more close to the original Chinese.

 [J32] Or ※wants§

 [J33] Or ※learn this practice§

 [J34] I rewrote with the previous sentences from ※When he taught#to the lectures§

 [J35] Or maybe ※at§

 [J36] Or ※as she walks along her cultivation path§

 [J37] Or ※she was also deeply impressed with§


 [RA38]If this is a continuation, then it is fine to say ※second§ here.   If it isn*t a continuation, then I would reword to say ※another§

 [JJ39] I am not sure if this is the correct title for this famous novel.  Madam Butterfly is a famous Opera.  I think this might be what she is referring to.

 [RA40]This segment refers to actors/actresses consistently, I think if you refer to actors and actresses once and then refer to ※actors§ the message will be the same.  Frequently ※actors§ is used both non-gender specific

 [RA41] I don*t know this play either

 [JJ42] Sorry, don*t know how to translate