Family of Three, of Mr. Zhang Qingxi, a Professor in the Economics Department of Economy at ofThe Family of a Professor at National Taiwan University[wjl1]


(The caption reads: Time: 4:30am, September 2, 2000. Location: Front Door of Zhang Qingxi’s home)

(Female Narrator’s Voice. Time:00:06-00:53)

At 4:30 am in the morning when most people are still dreaming in their sleepsleeping in their dreams, yet here in this house the lights are already on. For the past three years, DMr. Zhang Qingxi, a Professor inof the Economics Department of Economics of the, National Taiwan University (or NTU), and his wife have been gettinggotten up very early in the morning for the past three years. They have never missed any day. They have forgotten about their At this instancetime, their academicscience reputations, social status, and all kinds of dazzling positions in the everyday worldrays of lights became become dimmer and dimmerwent out. TAt this moment,  in the academic field and their status in the society. Not only do they do not only consider themselves as scholars and professors, they also cbut also all themselves “Falun Dafa” practitioners. Just like the one hundred million Falun Gong practitioners all over the world do in the morning, they are glad to attend morning  morning group practice and welcome the day in a  most sincere wayst way.


(The caption reads something like: “Stories of Falun Gong Practitioners, the Academic Elites and Scholars (1)[wjl2] )

(Female Narrator’s Voice. Time: 01:05-02:01)

Dr.Prof. Zhang Qingxi is a renowned economist in Taiwan and in the facultya faculty member of the NTU[wjl3]  Department and Graduate Institute of Economics. He has been teaching in NTU for a long thirty years. He was the teacher ofhas taught countless students who have also gone on to becoame scholars andor experts,. ///and has published more than 40-50 articles/writings in his professional field. Back in the early years, Taiwan’s academic community was full of [wjl4] textbooks originally written  in in English, however oneyet one of the books written by Prof. Zhang Qingxi was designated as as an Economics textbook of Economics for all the universities in Taiwan. It was the first Economics textbook of Economics for universityies students which was made published in Taiwan. HTherefore, his textbook was unprecedented at the time and his academic status becamewas even more well recognized by the academic community.


(Female Narrator’s Voice. Time: 02:04-02:46)

Cao Huiling wasused to be an Assistant Professor in Soochow University[wjl5]Dongwu University  for more than ten years. Currently she is a full-time housewife. They both have impressive academic backgrounds and records. However, once they attained all the things thatowned everything they had beenspent their lives pursuing for all their lives--likefor example, fame, status and wealth—suddenly they were shocked to realize that in the process of pursuing their goals, they had unknowingly lost their physical health and peace offul mind. This kind of post-midlife-crisis is indeed difficult to describe mentality is indeed hard to describe it all.


(Gender: Female in her 50’s.  Name: Ms. Cao Huiling. Role: Mr. Zhang Qingxi’s wife. Time: 02:47-03:55)

It has always beenwas very painful for me to be liveing in thise world as a human being and be affected by this external environment. I have lived an uneasy life. It didn’t matter if I felt’s joy, anger, sadness or happiness, they all made me feellt uncomfortable. I wanted to get go beyond it, so I read a lot of books. I even practiced instudied religious and non-religious schools of thoughtteachings. However, wWhy did I choose this “Falun Gong” then? Actually I had practiced other self-improvement methods, yet my mind was still unable to be peaceful.  I wondered, would I ever be able to reach my goal after all? I really didn’t know. I had questions in my mind about all those methods and wasn’t convinced about their teachings. of /// It was not until I read the book Zhuan Falun that my mind started to settle down. The method taught by Falun Gong is very simple: you just get right into ito ahead to experience and practice truthfulness, compassion and forbearance in your day-to-day life. How you deal with everything is related with how you understand these principles of Falun Gong.  I feel that taking this path wais very natural. With the other cultivation methods that I used to practice, they taught you to do this or that, or they asked you to follow some precepts or rules, none of them gavemade my mind peaceful me a peace of in mind.  However, nNow, however, my mind and my body are at ease.


(Gender: Male in his 50’s. Name: Mr. Zhang Qingxi. Role: The main character of this program segment. Time: 03:57-05:18)

I am already over have already passed my 50. I came across Falun Gong after I was passedt middle age. I noticed that after turning 40, a man’smy eyesight started to deteriorates start to change and my eyes gradually showed signs of presbyopia. The physical condition of mythe body gradually declined. In the past, I didconducted myself based on understand some philosophy or motto of life, or on biographiesy of great people.  Those things all intend toI thought this would elevate one’sone’smy body mind and body mind, n. Nevertheless, what they talked about iswas very limited and incompletepartial. The wassystematic ic theories seem empty or lacking in some way, which make them difficult to apply and follow.  After you practice Falun Gong, it gives you a brand new visionperception of life. You understand that what it teaches makes real good sensehonest-to-goodness sense. And because of that you feel a certainty that you can continue practicing it.  ///you will then feel very fulfillingIts a very fulfilling feeling. Your mind and body are at ease. Yet, it’s not just like thisthat’s not all. As a matter of fact, it helps you carry out the purpose of your life in your day-to-day activities. Therefore, you live everyday with a great sense of fulfillment. Because of this, I think I’m lucky to have learned Falun Gong when I did was  the t .


(Female Narrator’s Voice. Time: 05:19-06:33)

To beFeeling fortunate to have learned Falun Dafa after he was pastpassed his middle age was a turning point for Prof. Zhang Qingxi. Before 1997, Prof. ///what Zhang Qingxi felt thatconsidered as thethe  important things inpurpose of his life was to eliminate injustice in the world and to demand justice in society. ///In 1989, he formed an organization callnamed Clean Organizationthe Clean Group with a group ofother professors in Taiwan. These intellectuals Clean Organizationwrote political commentary, yet did not get directly involved with politicsal activities. The purpose of the organization was to promote and achieve a free, fair, democratic, multi-faceted and egalitarian modern society. Based on their sense of justice and moral conscience, these twenty to thirty members of the Clean GroupClean Organization wrote the commentary based on their professional knowledge. Among intellectuals in the field, Tthey were looked up to as virtuous scholars among intellectuals who were involved with political commentary. Prof. Zhang Qingxi assumed the position of the head of the Clean GroupOrganization from 1997 to 1998. He challenged the authorities and exposed their misdeedsmalpractice. He condemned their inappropriate policies made by public offices with his pensboth in speech and in writing. He took a standstepped out and marched on the street for minority groups. He That was a Prof. Zhang Qingxi who was in high and elated spirits, and also a . He was Zhangbut also Qingxi who waswith angery.


(Gender: Female in her 50’s.  Name: Ms. Cao Huiling. Role: Mr. Zhang Qingxi’s wife. Time:  06:34-07:58)

He used to be an extremely impatient person. He was the kind of person who took justice in society very seriously. So his whole appearance looked very tense. Whenever he encountered something that didn’t live upmatch to his standard of justice, his body would reflect it. H and he wanted to demand for justice and would fight with otherslike that.  Although he didn’t have any illnesses, Bbecause of overworking himself for such a long time,his long-time overworking and exhaustion, although he didn’t have any illness, you could see that his complexion was not goodfeel, and he looked exhausted.  Now, because he has been practicing Falun Gong, you can see that his whole face and his whole appearance looks kind and gentle.felton  Before, hHis complexion turneds reddish. [.6] He [.7] andand he had a very short temper;, and h. He gaveput a lot of pressure on others. It would be impossible for him to tolerate you someone if you they couldn’t meet his standard of efficiency. For example, when I drove a car, he would sit beside me and complained about my bad driving, and he would be very nervous. Or if somebody didn’t drive fast enough, he would not be able tocouldn’t stand it. But now he is not like that.


(Female Narrator’s Voice. Time: 07:59-08:20)

What about Prof. Zhang Qingxi himself? What does he think about his former selfHow does he think about the old himhimself in former days? ///The man, who used to dare to roar at the political authority in power and who rushed to take the lead toin stamping out corrupt officials on the ground with his feet,/// is now a Falun Gong practitioner. Comparing his past with his present, he shares hishas  profound insightan especially deep feeling.


(Gender: Male in his 50’s. Name: Mr. Zhang Qingxi. Role: The main character of this program segment. Time: 08:21-10:00)

I had participated in and pushed through a lot of movements in society. Yet I felt very helpless. It was very difficult to try to do something to change the whole of society. Later, I told myself: it doesn’t matteranyway, it’s good enough as long as I myself have contributed and I couldcan answer account for to myself. Yet all these kinds of things, whether it wais doing academic research or participating in social doing society’s movements, weare actually very tiring. ///I used to play computer games and watch TV to relax myself.  I felt that that that was how I could unwind  morethat wasand save energy for the next day. ///After I practiced Falun Gong I changed completely. Which means that  Just fromby reading Falun Gong’s books and practicing Falun Gong exercises, I noticed remarkable changes in how I felt.  Gradually, I no longer needed the games or TV to relax.  Besides, after I got rid of those activities, I started to have a lot of free time that I can docould use for  Falun Gong. ///Before I practiced Falun Gong, sometimes my body became very tense because I was so busy working.  I  could not relax. Even if I laid down I was still not relaxed.  Yet after I started practicing Falun Gong, I gradually understood what relaxation iswas. ///When I lay down, I can actually feel a lot of the mechanismsthe energy fromof practicing Falun Gong working moving in my body.  Now I can actually feel comfortable and be truly at ease.


(Female Narrator’s Voice. Time: 10:01-10:32)

To rRelax, doesn’t mean just relaxing the body.  ProfMr. Zhang tells us his whole mind is also more at ease.  In the past, he thought that whilesince he mamaintaineding justice ffor the human world and didn’t seek fame or wealth, he didn’t seek for either fame or wealth, he should then be considered as a good person. However, from practicing However, it was aFalun Gong, heand understood that he should regard the nature of the universe, namely Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance, as the highest criterion to discipline his thoughts and conducts. Thus, that he really cametumbledcame to understand realize what a real, good person really isis really about.



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(Mr. Zhang Qingxi’s voice at 10:32 – 12:12, around 50)

Falun Dafa’sThe highest principles of Falun Cultivation PracticeDafa are ‘Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance’. In the past | I pursued ‘Truth.” actuallyIn fact, academy academic pursuitsing also pursuing seek ‘Truth’, but I even sought Truth in my social activities and everyday daily life., I felt I’m I pursuing However, oOnAs for ‘Compassion’ and ‘Tolerance,’ could not doI didn’t do very well, so I feel my major greatest change is onhas to do with ‘Tolerance’. Now  feel I am not bothered by I could keep relatively unmoved on about as many things now, // which is quite significant for me.   Actually When encountering disagreements or conflicts, | kinds of t or tribulation comehe adjustmentchanges I needed to make to maintain a heart of compassion and kindness touched is very deepI have lots of feeling on the adjustment that I made. actually later | I gradually realized inside somethat for the personality traits iesthat I thinkI felt  particularly good // about in myself, there are still some things, which are not very good reflected in them. // This is because the standards used in theour ordinary human society | haveare some substantially distances different from the standardsDafa’s principles of ‘Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance’. // Actually, In fact these tests principles happen exist in my everyday life and these tests areatiusually onlevelsSuch as on Therefore, according to differentf one has a deeper understanding of to the principles, one can see that they apply in any situation.  By following  I ‘Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance, I learned to will have different behavior when implementlisten to others first, to not insist others agree with my viewpoint, and to be kind to others when expressing myself.  ‘Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance’ // (Professor of Economy Department in Taiwan University, Dr. Zhang Qingxi)


(Female narrotor’snarrator’s voice at 12:12 – 12:43, around 26)

The body getsis relaxed,relaxed; the shape of the facefacial appearance becomes gentlemildcalm, and the mind feels also becomegrows to be peaceful, however. However, the friends around youhis friends, // especially those fighters who fought shoulder to shoulder with him to resist all unreasonable policiesy and phenomena in the society,//  started not to get feel unused to of himlike they didn’t know him anymore. Some people said Prof. Zhang Qingxi had becoame passive after he began practicinged Falun Gong, and had||     || and he lost his ambition to fight. Whereas However, for Zhang Qingxi himself. He feltthinks that after practicing learning Falun Gong, he paid more attention tois now more concerned about the development of the whole entire human society as a whole. //


(Mr. Zhang Qingxi’s voice at 12:43 – 16:04, around 50)

“After I joined the Clearance CommunityCheng Society I ’ve alsohad beenbecame the leader chairman of Clearance Communitythe society. AnywayNevertheless | many people think | in the past I used to do thingshad done | verya lot ||  for the righteousness uprightness of the society and had made some contributions, but laterin the middle of it all, I just started to feelfelt that in fact I could not really do | too muchanything, as if it’s itall it did was  just making make meyself feel better about myself. After I practiced learned Falun Gong, I have different opinions onthemy view pointviewpoint toon many things changed. So This also caused some of my old old day good friends, these good friends of mine “||” to have misunderstanding. // They think that you practitioners always restraint your selves, forwhen anything happens you always try look inside for the to find reasons in you, and pay little attention to the righteousness of the society.  They even said criticized me, saying that when I was in thea meeting I now sit quietly for two hours, whereas before I used to glare at others with anger, argue with people others and slap the table. . // NNow I not listen carefullyany and, and they foundeel that hard could notto accept this. They said asked me whether you wereI was still concerned about the society, and who wcould help fightthe injustice. Actually after practicedBut since I started practicing Falun Gong, I’m even in fact more concerned about this society and wenow think | how this is. Ifto really make the society better. The answer I found is that we really want the society to become better, then  | we have to change from people’s hearts hashave to change. That is the real concernissue.  If people’s hearts remain the samedon’t change, // all other things approaches won’t be very useful. On the surfaceSuperficially you can may change achieve a little, or sometimes it there mayight be changes forat the moment, but it is verythe effect is short-lived and it . In fact can only have very limited the strengthand has limited strength is very limited. ||  Can that be considered an effective change| ?


Actually many people who are involved with social activities [a8]  activism [a9]  know that when they reach a certain point that and really can’t find anyno other ways to work things out, they have to go turn to education. And education // needs to start frombegin during childhood, because for adults it’s very hard to change college students their minds and habits. Educating // one a person from childhood until he or she becomes matureenters in the society needs attakes least over ten or twenty years., // whereas Genuinely practicing Falun Gong | changes a person in for two or three months could change a person, and . Wwithin several years thea whole opinions and views of a person’s entire outlook on life has getsis changedd. //His behavior getshasiswill also change for the betterd.   tooPeople make noticeable changes in their conduct soon after learning Falun Gong this , // so from my point of view as a professor, I think actually it is indeed  and much more efficient than standard education.


 //|| I developed  // a different point of view about the society, it feelswhich is:     || Iif we really want | to make our society or country to betterimprove, there aexists a set of we need some principles that can achieve this. Thise principles areis clearly stated very in Falun Gong as being Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance.  You will notice  as long as you go to take a look at itthat   // the peoplethose who practice Falun Gong, their understandings about | the society or |  concerns towards the society isare // somewhat | different than the norm. They try to always be thoughtful of others first and not pursue various desires like fame or profit, so their behavior is more effective in improving the state of society.his effect to change the society is more active | and more efficient // This is the path I | have gone throughtaken and | based on my feelingexperience. So, especially with  my past friends, I of course didn’t am not thinking that what they have are doingne havedhas no effect.  However, now I understand that in the past like I felt my previous biggest pursuitng or  | goal  iswas social justice. But what is  realtrue justice is explained | in? Falun Gong has explanation, ||   . If you’ve contactestudied  Falun Gong you will know what justice is. Human life is really very fair.  ||youYou will know this principle if you practice Falun Gong.” //  (Professor ofat Economy the Department of Economics in Taiwan University, Dr. Zhang Qingxi).


(Female narrotor’snarrator’s voice at 16:04 – 16:30, around 26)

According toFrom what Prof. Zhang Qingxi has has said, “Falun Dafa” changed his opinion towardsoutlooks on  life, on the world and on the universe. Why For such an outstanding scholar in the area field of Economicsy Academy // Research, why did he choose to join take up the practice of Falun Dafa? // How did the principles of Falun Dafa ||    |enlighten him and| // influencinfluenceedhelp him? Did hHe really, after serious thinking and reflection, make athe rational choice after thinking and judgment?


(Mr. Zhang Qingxi’s voice at 16:30 – 18:51, around 50)

// It was not very easy | for me tTo start toWhen I began to practice learn about Falun Gong at first, I,  also went through an uneven pathhad a difficult time of it, because. I feltthink that scholars have their own mental barrierobstacles. ||    ||Later, because as I continually listened to Teacher’s Master Li’sthe Lecture audiotapes, I gradually knew learned the contents of Falun Gong. I know discovered that the Teacher is very righteous, n. Not savinghoarding money, not saving holding on to thingsmaterial possessions, and not pursuing fame or profit. To practice Falun Gong, We almost spent nothing except foraside from maybe buying books or tapes, there noare no other expenses . You can even get the books free from the internet or listen to the lectures online.  HHe requires you to start from off by being a good person, ||    |of course there are ideas of higher level | this kinds of spiritual rewardbenefitsing. However let’s just say that even if you do not recognizebelieve thatis, at least you will be a good person. You should start by trying to be a good person according to Truth, Compassion and Tolerance, and then try and be even better and better. So there will not be any lost’s nothing to lose. just thinkis But it still took me several months before Ito finally really decideddecide to practice Falun Gong myself.

// As for academic Economy[a10]the study of Economics , it is knowledge, principles, theories, and propositions. // As longBecause as economists or other theorists could justify themselves, hypothesis in economy | could explain a phenomenon and make some predictions the future, it could becaome a distinct doctrinetheory.  If someone’s theory has a wider scope, // he is then a biggreater scholar.  As for Nobel Prize winners, in fact, many of their the theories // have very narrow scopesy ranges of many scholars, including many Nobel Prize winners are very narrow. Then, even | withusing the current definition about scientific definitionsce to look at Falun Gong or the book Zhuan Falun, one finds that it is in fact a very very broad science, and Whereas Falun Gong, or this ‘Zhuan Falun’, is in fact a very very broad science. he is a supernormal science, because ithe talksed about many things that modern science could cannot yet explain or daredoes not even to touchapproach, in such a level. Therefore I felt that | even withgiven our current definitions about science, judging Falun Gong based on our definitions in science, it is very scientific, because it talks about so many things it talked about have nowithout any contradiction. This is one a basic fundamental condition that for me to I accept it.  // Of course I also meet have some | friends who theythat could not accept it, as they are // dedicated to ||    || | so-called “theories” of the academic world. // ordinary people’sThese theories things tobasically blocked the thing that lets them from considering truth beyond the scope of the theories, or toeven from learning something as profound as Falun Gonge,.  Sometimes I feltelfeel very regret pitysad for them. ||   My own understanding is that it’s not superstition, it’s a very profound supernormal science.”

//  (Professor of Economy Department in Taiwan University, Dr. Zhang Qingxi)


(Female narrotor’snarrator’s voice at 18:51 – 19:22, around 26)

However, Prof. Zhang’s The regrets towards for some of his academic the friends in academicy areaaround Zhang Qingxi didoes not happen in don’t extend to his Zhang’s family. Prof. Zhang’s only son // is 21 years old this year. When his his parents first introduced Falun Dafa to him, originally hishe initial held the attitude was of not to acceptto reject iting. // But, out ofdriven by curiosity, when he read Falun Gong’s founder, Mr. Li Hongzhi’s // workbook Zhuan Falun of Falun Gong’s founder, Mr. Li Hongzhi’s work, and the broad and profound and broad content suddenly opened up his mind. He, bBasedBased on his agreement acceptance of with the principles, he he voluntarily became astarted to practice Falun Falun GongDafa practitionerof his own free will.



(Mr. Zhang Zhongyi’s voice at 19:22 – 20:08, around 20)

I want to | learn and I want to cultivatepractice Falun Gongpractice, is because | from the book Zhuan Falun I found the | meaning of life in the book ‘Zhuan Falun’. // The meaning purpose of the life is not just to earning make money or to pursueing status and material interests. ||    || // I understand tThe purpose isIt’s to cultivateion, to returning to your true self. // I learn Falun Dafa |ItI don’t do this  is  not because my body’s not feeling right, or my mind has nowhere to go. I’m not trying to find some things to comfort myself.  I genuinely want to live with a heart of goodness, which is my true self.” //  (Zhang Qingxi’s son, Zhang Zhongyi).


(Female narrotor’snarrator’s voice at 20:08 – 20:22, around 26)

UsuallyOrdinary “|” people usually put an equal sign betweenequate the so-called cultivation practice andwith religions and temples, remote mountains and middle or senior-old aged people, whether but does young Zhang Zhongyi // also feelsfind the activities of  // studying the Fareading Dafa books and practicing the exercises boring? ||    || // He has his own understanding.


(Mr. Zhang Zhongyi’s voice at 20:22 – 21:18, around 20)

 Comparingeing myself to my friends, they always want | to do this, want to do that. They have moremany “|”ir lustsdesires are huge.  I’m sure I was once like that too. But after I completed reading the book Zhuan Falun, I feel that it is not to say // thatit’s not that | my life is more boring than a regular, everyday, ordinary people’s life; rather, it is because my lust of greedy lustdesires haved been reduceddiminished. My life is not more boring than ordinary people’s life, // because and as such I becameam comparatively  easiery to satisfymore easily contented.  IfSince my you feel easiery to satisfysatisfaction is simpler, mythe  life could isbe happier, because yI won’t am not always thinking about what elsemore I want. But as to my friends, // they often feel | unsatisfied and always search for something else. Their livfes may seem | to | be colorfulmore vibrant  than mine, but I am filling enriching myself and whereas they often feel discontentcould thefill .  So I feel that my life is meaningful.” // (Zhang Qingxi’s son, Zhang Zhongyi).


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(Female Narrative’s voice at 21:19” – 21:40”) The three  In this family, three of them are all Falun Dafa practitioners in this family have experienced more kindness amongst themselves by . They following the Fa principles of truthfulness, compassion and tolerance.   They first and // would checkcheck inside whenever they encounter meet conflicts, and try to find their own shortcomings. When some conflicts do occur, all of them look to see how their actions may have contributed to the conflict. So they will check inside themselves doand // will not shirk responsibility orand shift the blames onto others. As a result, their relationships have gradually become morebecomes harmonious gradually. For this point, the hostess of this family has most of the experience.


(Ms. Cao Huiling[u11] s voice, Zhang Qingxi’s wife at 21:41” -- 22:23”) “Before practicing Falun Gong, the three of us all hadve different personality traits characteristics. My husband hads a quick temper, // while my son was is very slow to anger, and I was caught  kept in the middle. The tension wouldill occur because // we failed to co-operate with each other. I feel that after we  began to live by the principles of to practice Falun Gongpractice cultivated, // my husband becameomes thoughtful not that quick-tempered, and patienthe would always be patient enough to wait. // When we feelfelt that we hadve coaome across a difficult situationsomething that we cancould not pass, or we feltfeel uncomfortable in some way, whenever we sensed it, we wouldwill quickly change our attitudegive it up and will no longer have that kind of uncomfortable feeling. If this happened before,For me at the previous time, I willwould feel uneasy make myself uncomfortable for a long period of time. Now I will no longer be like this. So all of us have changed ourselves for the betteradjusted well enough.


(Female Narrative’s voice at 22:24” – 22:53”) // Since both Zhang Qingxi and Cao Huiling have changed tremendously both physically and spiritually after practicing practicinge cultivating Falun Gong, // they make use of their spare time to tell others aboutto participate in promoting Falun Dafa, hoping that more people who are predestined will also benefit from practicing it. We can always findsee them // ininvolved in many activities promoting the Fa. They even opened upvacated their own home to have the nine-day group study of the Fa and exercise practice of the exercises. They also set up a practice site to help people to learn more about Falun Dafa.


(Ms. Cao Huiling, Zhang Qingxi’s wife, at 22:54” – 23:33”) “Falun Gong || can really change people. When Wewe holdhave (Masters) // a nine-day showing of the lecture videosvideo lecture to teach people,. You may we find that the change is really incredible both physically and spirituallymentally. People’s // attitudes and behaviors keep improving within a very short period of time, // changing for better. So I will try my bestall my best to promote the Fa, to let other and // let the world people know that this practice practicecultivation way is very goodrighteous, and that you one canwill  improveupgrade youroneself very quickly.,  and live a more peaceful  lifeso that one You will live much at ease.


(Female Narrative’s voice at 23:34” – 23:58”) // The couple of Zhang QingxiFrof. Zhang and his wife expressed that every Falun Gong practitioner over the world has the responsibility // to clarify the truth of Falun Gong to world people., fFor example “Wwhat on earth is Falun Gong? // What do the Falun Gong practitioners practice cultivate? What is the meaning of  How to practice cultivatione?  What is the connotation of cultivation? They also share the Also the facts that Falun Gong brings improved to people health and well-being. peacefulness of mind etc. W For all these facts, we should let the world kindness people of the world have a correct understanding.


(Zhang Qingxi, Doctor and professor of Taiwan University, at 23:59” – 25:40”)

As a Falun Gong practitioner, a Dafa disciple, we hope to clarify two things to the world people of the world. The first one is that Falun Dafa is athe righteous teachingFa, and it is really indeed good for people’s body and mind. The second thing is that it is not right to // persecute and ban Falun Gong in || Mainland China. It is good both physically and spiritually to p Practice e cultivating Falun Gong is good not just because it improves for the body and mind. || Of course it has not only this effect. In my understandingTo me, if something doesit does not have a complete set of principlesteachings, I don’t think I will keep on doing practicing it. The teachings of Falun Gong are based on the universal principles of- truthfulness, compassion and forbearance - these apply to everyone.  So actually it makes me understand a lot in the Fa principles. So I hope | people all around the world will at least go and learn know that Falun Gong is goodabout Falun Gong. || Many Many lies have been fabricated against Falun Gong in Mainland China. Actually all the other countries around the world hold Falun Gong in high regards ave very high and speak positively about positive comment for it Falun Gong. // Falun GongIt requires a personthe practitioners to start with being apractitioners try and be a good person either // in his one’sthe workplace, his one’s familyat home, or theand in society to fulfill his one’s responsibilities, seeking no reputation and no profits. This will bring benefits to any country in any society. // If you go and read the book of Zhuan Falun,  or if you go to meet practitioners, contact the practitioners, and to contact Dafa, you will understand this truth.


(Female Narrative’s voice at 25:41” – 25:56”)// Zhuan Falun is a book  written by the founder of Falun Gong, Mr. Li Hongzhi. // The principles expounded in this book is are simplewide and profound. Around the world, after reading this book, there arehave been over one hundred million people who understand the true meaning of being a human being and the existence of life after reading this book..


(Mr. Zhang Qingxi’s voice at 25:57” –27:09”) // I solemnly introduce Zhuan Falun to all of you. It talks about the phenomenona and nd principles from the perspectives of life, the universe and all matters. It of course also includes the supernormal science and also discusses thethe losses and gains of afor human being. // For me, this is a supernormal Fa principle. // It providesbuilds up an outlook for thea universal e view of life. // I found my own outlook view forof life from this book.  I had questions such asThat is to say // Wwhy are human beings were born inon this world? What is a person’s life all about will he want to do? // Why do we live here? The principles are talked explained very clearexplicitly in this book. // I had tens of years of life experience, and have some observation and learning from personal life. For something when you we have experienced lots enough, you we will have a kind of inference. But it is fragmentary and intermittently. Zhuan Falun In this book, tprovideshere is a complete framework to help us to understand our life.


(Female Narrative’s voice at 27:10” – 27:43”) Some people wonder ifWhether Falun Gong is superstitious or if it really is a supernormal science.? // Why are around the world, there are over one hundred million people all over the world learning Falun Gong? // If it is really something as mentioned in the Chinese government’s reports as ignorant superstition, // how can it stand the test by such a large group of people for so such a long a period of time? //Are the principles expounded in the book of Zhuan Falun really that encompassingwide and profound? // How can it attract the advanced intellectuals in all fields who have read the books so widely? //Please read the book of Zhuan Falun, and you will find the answers yourselvesin it.


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Translated on December 4, 2002 from the edited version of


By Liu Baohui,


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