Falun Gong Practitioners in from Different Walks of Life




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Being well known, making more money, having more or something better- life often seems like an endless pursuit of personal desires.   There are also those who seek something fundamentally different --- inner peace.   Falun Dafa practitioners have discovered one can live with a calm mind and compassionate heart.  The transformation in these individuals proves that humans are pure and kind in nature.  Love and joy abound in their lives. 

In fact, you may be deeply touched by their experiences by the end of today’s program.


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Falun Dafa, also known as Falun Gong, A group of Falun Dafa practitioners, whois a live according to the universal principles ofpractice of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance. Many of those who practice Falun Gong, enjoy it so much, give whatever they can afford in order tothat they offer their free time to introduce Falun Dafathe practice to more people. The compassion they have displayed in their thoughts and actions are heartfelt and sincere.  In today’s program we would like to share their stories.


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How do we make our society a little more caring and less violent in today’s insecure world? How do we start to trust each other again and restore pure and genuine relationships in today’s complicated society? How do we attain a beautiful life? These are questions which often remain without any satisfactory answer.


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“All things throughout ages, like fleeting smoke and passing clouds,

Bewilder ordinary human heart;

The reason why the vast heaven and earth were born,

Baffles all sentient beings’ wisdom.”


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This poem is written by Mr. Li Hongzhi, and titled, “Dafa Clears Up Confusion.” from <<Hong Yin>> Although this is a short poem, did it touch some place in your heart?


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Mr. Li Hongzhi first introduced Falun Dafa and started lecture toursteaching the practice around in China in 1992. Within only 2 ½ years, several tens of thousands of people began to cultivate in feltcame to feel the preciousness of Falun Dafa. Afterwards, more than 10tens of millions ofbillions people began to learn Falun Dafa, also known as Falun Gong,  through by word of mouth advertisemen.t. Mr. Li Hongzhi forbids requires Falun Dafa practitioners toto not accept any money or gifts when they teach the Falun Gong exercises. In fact PFalun Dafa practitioners are more than happy to introduce Falun Dafa to others because they have personally benefited physically and spiritually from cultivating in Falun Dafa. They also recommend others to read Mr. Li Hongzhi’s book, Zhuan Falun and hope morepeople will come to understand learn the profound meanings of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance so that their hearts, too, can be opened by the universal principles taught in Falun Dafa.


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The industrial revolution has contributed to the prosperity of the society; however, beneath the noisy cities and skyscrapers are people in lonesome solitude. Inside this noisy and isolated city there is a serene little alley where one can hear the sound of reading. There is no school though in this quiet alley. What can that be?


A Group of Practitioners Reading Zhuan Falun at [Time Remark]

“However far a spaceship may fly, it cannot travel beyond this physical dimension in which our human race exists. What can be understood with modern human knowledge is extremely shallow and tiny; it is far from truly coming to terms with the truth of the universe.”


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The sound of reading comes from an old house. You wouldmight be surprised that thise studying group wasis comprised of grandmothers and mothers. Everyone has a copy of Zhuan Falun atin hand. Look. This grandmother is thoroughly enjoying reading Zhuan Falun through her convex glasses.


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This is not a continuingal education program for senior citizens or housewives. These people are Falun Dafa practitioners, and they are studying Falun Dafa books together at the home of a fellow practitioner, Mr. Hong Ji-Hong. Falun Dafa practitioners often study Falun Gong books together, and exchange stories on personal improvement or self-cultivation because Mr. Li Hongzhi, the founder of Falun Dafa, encourages them to do so to advance forward together. This is known as “group Fa study.” Fa means “Law” or “Principlesand Dafa means “Great Law.”  So practitioners are studying the Great Law of the universe-  the universal principles of Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance.  But where is the host of the house, Mr. Hong Ji-Hong? He is probably somewhere out theresomewhere busy introducing Falun Dafa to more people. Mr. Hong Ji-Hong has just retired this year, and he has been keeping himself busy with voluntaryeer Dafa workby volunteering to introduce Falun Dafa to those interested all the time.. In fact, he has been so busy that he made over 20 keys to his house and distributed them among fellow other Falun Dafa practitioners so that they could have a place to study the Falun Dafa books together, or hold a nine-day Falun Dafa course. In a nine-day Falun Dafa course, one will watch the Falun Dafa lecture videotapes of Mr. Li Hongzhi and learn the five Falun Gong exercises. To accommodate the schedules of retired citizenses and housewives who are interested in learning Falun Dafa, Mr. Hong has started to offer nine-day Falun Dafa courses in the morning since this year.


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A similar picture can be seen in Nei-Hu district of Taipei. Mrs. Su Zhao-Rong is a housewife and a Falun Dafa practitioner. She attends the Falun Gong group practice in the park every morning, and she studies the Falun Dafa books, which is called studying the Fa, with fellow practitioners. She gracefully offers her place as a group Fa study location so that Falun Dafa practitioners in Nei-Hu district have a place to gather together morning and or night.


Mrs. Su Zhao-Rong’s Voice at [Time Remarks]

Many Falun Dafa practitioners were publicly praised on the radio, TV and newspaper for their charity work and distinguished characters. It is because they cultivate in practice Falun Dafa and upgrade their hearts and minds nature that they are able to do so.


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Mr. Li Hongzhi has said in many different occasions eight years agosince 1992 that all the principles of cultivation, or self-improvement, are included in his book, Zhuan Falun. He also asks Falun Dafa practitioners to study the Fa books and practice the Falun Gong exercises together. In fact every Falun Dafa practitioner knows from his experience that it is easier to keep up with study and exercise practice with the groupin a group environment. Falun Dafa practitioners encourage each other to share how they have studied and improved, and while regarding take the Fa (or Law) as their guide.  Like Mr. Hong Ji-Hong and Mrs. Su, Zhao-Rong, many Falun Dafa practitioners begin to contribute to Falun Dafa in their own ways. For example, Mrs. Li Zhu posts Falun Dafa nine-day course flyers on the glass doors of her store. In addition, she often flies to foreign countries to support overseas Falun Fa-spreadingDafa activities. These overseas trips cost a lot of money, but  sheMrs. Su Zhao-Rong does not mind the expenses as long as she can contributehelp more people learn the truth about to the  Falun Dafa.


Mrs. Su Zhao-Rong’s Voice at [Time Remarks]

I grew up in Jin-Men and moved to Taiwan over ten years ago. At first I lived in Taipei, and then I moved to Tian-Mu. Two years ago I heard of Falun Gong from one of my customers who practices Falun Gong. I became curious about Falun Gong and went to Tian-Mu Park to learn Falun Gong. It was when I started to live by the teachings ofreally practice  Falun Dafa that I truly understood how wonderful Falun Dafa was! Every time I travel overseas to support Falun Dafa activities, the rent for my store will be wasted. But I don’t mind it at all as long as I am in good financial standing and I can still pay for my overseas trips to support Falun Dafa. I think that Falun Dafa gives us these precious and rare opportunities to travel overseas and share how beneficial Falun Dafa is, so I really treasure these opportunities.


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Ms. Ling Xiu-Mei is a Falun Dafa practitioner in the business of food distribution in Nei-Hu district. She posted all sorts of Falun Dafa advertisement materials on the giant glass doors. She also carries Falun Dafa books in her store in order to introduce Falun Dafa to her customers.


Ms. Ling Xiu-Mei Voice at [Time Remark]

I decided that I must introduce the this wonderful practice of Falun Dafa to my best friend, so I went to the bookstore to get a set of Falun Dafa books. However, I could not find Falun Dafa books in any bookstores I went to. That’s when I decided that I should carry Falun Dafa the books in my store if those bookstores do not carry them. So I ended up calling the publisher of Falun Dafa books, Yi-Qun Chuyn BooksPublishingtore, and purchased many sets of Falun Dafa books from them. I am not selling these books for profit. I carry these books so that pre-destined people can get them conveniently if they wish to buy them books. I believe everyone who walks into my store or passes by my store can have the opportunity to learn about Falun Dafa. Therefore, I want them to see Falun Dafa flyers when they pass by and I want them to see Falun Dafa books when they come into my store. Even if they do not buy these books, I have left them with an impression that Falun Dafa is righteousa good thing.


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There are countless examples in whichwhere Falun Dafa practitioners promote Falunadvertise Dafa in their work environments. For example, another Falun Dafa practitioner, Mrs. Lin Min-Mei, introduces Falun Dafa at her tealeaf stand in a crowded traditional market.


Dialogue between Mrs. Lin Min-Mei and An Elderly Man at [Time Remark]

Man: “Since when did you move these Falun Dafa advertisements activity here?”

(The elderly man inquired Mrs. Lin)

Lin: “I have always been selling tealeaf here. I display Falun Dafa books here because I want to show everyone on this street how wonderful it is now that I have started to cultivate inpractice Falun Dafa.”

Man: “Is Falun Dafa good?”

Lin: “You can find out yourself by coming to our group Fa study. You are welcome to sit there and listen if you are not ready to read the books with us yet.”


Mrs. Li Qiu-Yin’s Voice at [Time Remark]

I feel Mrs. Lin is truly living with compassion. I am very touched by her persistence in introducing Falun Dafa at the traditional market. It is truly remarkable! There was a time when some fellow practitioners objected to her idea of introducing Falun Dafa at the traditional market. Because of that, Mrs. Lin once doubted if she had done a right thing and asked my opinion. I told her that I could feel her pure heart when she spread Falun Dafa in the traditional market. No matter what others fellow practitioners thinkthought, I support your idea wholeheartedly. I told her that I would support her, so would many other fellow practitioners. Some fellow practitioners thought she was disrespectful to Falun Dafa when she displayed the Falun Dafa books at the traditional market, but I disagreed. I think she is trying to introduce Falun Dafa to the world in the only venue she knows best. She thinks of nothing but to introduce her most respected Falun Dafa to the world. I truly admire her spirit, her pure mind, and her determination in assisting others to know about and learn Falun Dafa.


Mrs. Lin Min-Mei’s Voice at [Time Remark]

Many of my customers have asked me, “Is your business affected because of the display of Falun Dafa books?” Actually Teacher has given me an answer in the books. Teacher said, “Our school of practice directly targets one’s mind. It does not make you actually lose anything in terms of material benefits. Instead, you are to temper your [mind] (xinxing) amidst the material benefits of everyday people.” I might have some problem with my sales if I hold fast to my attachment to profit. If I don’t have any attachment to profit, displaying Falun Dafa books will not affect my sales. On the contrary, it might even increase the sales.”


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As a general rule of thumb, marketing and advertisement are a necessity to good sales. It is very unlikely that one will have good sales without any marketing skills. But is this belief really true? Falun Dafa practitioners work diligently and conduct fair trades, as Teacher Li Hongzhi requires of them. The end result is that introducing Falun Dafa does not have any negative impact on sales at all. Actually many Falun Dafa practitioners are more enthusiastic in introducing Falun Dafa to their customers than when showing their merchandise, but it appears such an alternative “marketing” actually boosts their sales and business!


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Translation Date: December 5, 2002

Translator: Veronica Lee (vhlee@att.net)

Proofreader: Cuirong Ren (cuirong0592@bewiser.net)



(Ms. Shao Lizhu)“I am now practicing Falun Gong. This is a very good Qigongpractice. You haven’t seen me for a whilelong time. Can you see any changes in me?”


(Female-voice, the client) “You’ve become younger!”


(Ms. Shao Lizhu) “Thank you, Falun Gong is a practice for of both the mind and the body. We teach the exercises voluntarily and for free of charge. Any one who collects money is not a Falun Gong practitioner. If you are interested, would I you mind me giveing you some materials? This is the five sets of exercises and an introduction about the mechanisms. This is a brief introduction of Falun Dafa which hasthat introducesincludes some practitioners’ experiences. These practitioners include housewifves, professors, and physicians doctors in Western and Chinese Medicine. People who practice Falun Gong are from all walks of life.” (Hair stylist Shao Lizhu introducing Dafa to her clients)


(Ms. Shao Lizhu) I think that aAfter I learnedlearning Dafa, I no longer care too much about money, since I know learn [from Teacher] that you will not lose it if it is yours and if it is not yours, you can’t obtain it no matter how hard you seek pursue it. Actually, as far as your job is concerned, if you’re your heart is truly righteous, your work will go well and you will won’t be short of anything. If you have a bill to pay, you just have to work and naturally you will be able to pay that bill. You will not be short of anything.” (Hair stylist Shao Lizhu)


(Ms. Lin Mingmei) The Teacher Mr. Li Hongzhi said that you will not lose it if it is yours,staff and you will not be able to obtain it if it is not yours. Therefore you should not fight for it!  Should If it is supposed toit be yours, it will be yours; should if it is not supposed not to be yours, it will not be yours no matter how hard you try to make more money. Displaying Dafa books here never affects my business since I only used a little space to introduce Dafa and I can still do my business as usual. When people come to buy something, I just got get up and talk with them. Some people come for a cup of tea and I would chat with them. During the chatting, we are likely to mention Dafathe often like to ask me about Falun Dafa.  I would give those with an interest in the practice some Dafa materials so that they have the information for learning the exercisescan learn more.” Lin Mingmei


(Ms. Lin Xiumei) “Recently, I have a thought,. Some some housewives attained Dafa here recentlylatelybegan practicing recently. They have families, husbands, and children. It is difficult for them to take the nine-day lecture class in the evenings. I was thinking that if they could not attend the evening nine-day class, they could come to my place to learn during the day.” (Lin Xiumei in the business of energy food supply)


(Male-voice, Narrator) 82-year-old Dr. physician Xue  Lei is a well-known physician. well known for his medical knowledge. AfterSince his he  retiredment,Therefore  he is has beenstill practicing medicine at home and teaching students after he has retired. After learning Falun Dafa, Dr. Xue Lei earnestly recommends Falun Dafa to people who come to him for treatments or to learning medicine. He said that many cancer patients changed regained their health throught practicing Falun Dafa. that recommended by him. He, a senior physician with medical science background, has tocannot help feeling amazeed ing that Falun Dafa is truly the Law of the universeby all the profound truths in Falun Dafa.


(Ms. Shao Lizhu) “I was standing all the time at work everyday. Although my health was fair, we were looking at black hair all day long and my eyesight was poor. My eyes only looked like clear upon getting up in the morning. By 10 a.m., my eyes started to become red from blood vessel engorgementbloodshot. The blood vessels werecovered filling up mythe whole entire whites of my eyeballs. Soon after I started to practice the exercises, it and my eyes started to change. Now my eyes can areremain still crystal clear until late at night.” (Hair stylist Shao Lizhu)


(Ms. Lin Xiumei) “Before, I had to sleep for quite a long period of time to feel that I had had enough rest.have enough sleep. Otherwise I would easily feel tired. After practicing Falun Gong, I feel felt that my spirit is was totally different. Before, I had to do go hiking or go to the gym every two or three days to feel fit. After I went out to dopracticing the Falun Gong exercises, I thought find that it is better than hiking since both my body and mind all felt feel very comfortable and relaxedlight.” (Lin Xiumei)


(Ms. Lin Mingmei) “I was doing business in the market despite the worst weather. Although I gained money, a house, and the cars, I lost my health. My body was a mess. I had asthma. Whenever the asthma attacked me, I couldn’t not even speak one a word, not to mention doing business. After I attaininged Dafapracticing Falun Dafa, the changes in my body and mind are so great that I want to tell everyone about Dafa it and help people learn about how precious it is DaFa.” (Lin Mingmei in the tea business)


(Male-voice, Narrator) Probably,You may  you are not be quite convinced when the practitioners speak ing aboutof the changes to their minds and bodies. Let’s listen to together the story of  Amei Lin’sLin Mingmei’s relatives and friends.


(Mr. Chen Wenzong) “Amei had a relatively hot temperament before. Since she learnedlearning Falun Gong two years ago, she became has become much more peaceful and she is not as irritated in dealing with different matters. She has been checking herself against the Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance in Dafa whenever there are conflicts.  Before she had asthma. She never has not had the an attack after sinceshe  practiceding Falun Gong.” (Chen Wenzong, Lin Mingmei’s husband)


(Ms. Ajuan) “Amei reasons talks with other people using Truth, Compassion, and Tolerance and never fights with other people whereas the ordinary people may fight and argue.”

(Ajuan. Lin Mingmei’s friend)


(Ms. Cai)“Her health was poor before. She hasd asthma and once she passed out during the an attack. I had to perform life supportCPR for on her. After she practiced Since practicing Falun Gong, her health is good and she is happy. Seeing her situation, we also want to come and learn (FLGFalun Gong)(Ms. Cai, Lin Mingmei’s friend)


(Ms. Wu) “She is very sincere. She earnestly encourages people to read Zhuan Falun(Ms. Wu, Lin Mingmei’s friend)


(Mr. Wang) “I see that she is smiling every day. Falun Gong may must be really good for her bodyhealth.” (Mr. Wang, Lin Mingmei’s friend)


(Ms. Li Qiuying) “She is very diligenthard working. She is quite willing to share her thoughts and ideas. ‘Share in learning and share in cultivating.’ (“Solid Cultivation”, Hong Yin) Having seen that she isher making so much progress, we look at ourselves and find it helpful in being encouraged to be better people[to improve ourselves].” (Falun Dafa practitioner Li Qiuying)


(Mr. Zhao)She is dealingdeals with many people when selling the tea and many people pass by as well. She took takes the opportunity to show them these Falun Dafa books and pictures, and sometimes videotapes. Here, many people came to practice the exercises because of her influencehelpfulness.” (Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Zhao)


(Male-voice, a middle-aged man) Falun Gong is good!


(Male-voice, Narrator) People like retiree Mr. Hong Jihong, housewife Mrs. Su SZhaorong, Dr. physician Xue Lei, food supplier Mrs. Lin Xiumei, hair stylist Ms. Shao Lizhu, and tea merchant Ms. Lin Mingmei are all ordinary citizens who do not have particularly notable lives or lifestyles. However, through practicing Falun Dafa, they have gained inner peace, happiness and health. They feel that the greatest treasure is being a Falun Dafa practitioner.  In order to allow more people to know about Falun Dafa, practitioners spread the fact that in Falun Gong is good.  However, every practitioner’s truthsincere wish is to let more people know and learn the powerful teachings of Dafa. A wish needs action. Although it is already dark, the practitioners in the Tianmu area are ready to spending their spare time to going to Tianmu Sport Parkand ready to study the FaFalun Gong and practicing practice the exercises outdoors. 0oOf caourse, they never forget to introduce Falun Dafa to the people around them them and voluntarily teach the exercises to passer-bys.


(Male-voice, Narrator) What are you doing?  How will you choose to live? Will the harmony and beauty coming from these Falun Dafa practitioners make you think that this is a wonderful evening? Don’t you want to join them?  You can feel the warmth and experience the sincerity among peoplethese people.


(Practitioners-group reading) Without beliefs, human beings would have no moral standards; the human mind would not have good thoughts and it would be overcome by wicked thoughts. The moral values of the human society at that time would decline rapidly.Without beliefs, human beings would have no moral standards; the human mind would not have good thoughts and it would be overcome by wicked thoughts. The moral values of the human society at that time would decline rapidly. Possessed by wicked thoughts, everyone would become enemies of one another... (Practitioners reading together [M1] What is Mi Xin?Further Comments on Superstition”, Essentials for Further Advancement)(will keep original and not read English)


(Male-voice, Narrator) If you long to experience the treasures of greater peace, happiness, health as found by these Falun Dafa practitioners, please contact Falun Gong practitioners in your area.  What do you have to lose?  Take a few moments to learn more about it today. On the internet, please go to www.falundafa.org


Last scene deleted


“Cultivators’ Avoidances” (Essentials for Further Advancement)

Those who are attached to their reputations practice an evil way, full of intention. Once they gain renown in this world, they are bound to say good but mean evil, thereby misleading the public and undermining the Fa. 

Those who are attached to money seek wealth and feign their cultivation. Undermining the practice and the Fa, they waste their lifetimes instead of cultivating Buddhahood.  

Those who are attached to lust are no different from wicked people. While reciting the scriptures, they even cast furtive glances; they are far from the Dao and are wicked, everyday people.  

Those who are attached to affection for family will definitely be burned, entangled, and tormented by it. Pulled by the threads of affection and plagued by them throughout their lives, they will find it too late to regret at the end of their lives.  

---- The End----



Translated on December 5, 2002

By Tracey Zhu (h) 203-393-1702 (cell) 203-675-8211 tzhu@adelphia.net

Proofread by Wenhui Li  dorahlee@myrealbox.com



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 [M1]Here you had further comments on superstition. I looked it up and found that it is “what is Mi Xin” again sorry for the inconvenience, MF